The Fundamentals workshop kit 

FFI Makeup Fundamentals:  Workshop #1

Cost: $575*    

2 days/ includes workshop kit

Over 2,000 students have attended FFI's Makeup Fundamentals Workshop.   Theory & application

must go hand and hand and in these 2 workshops you will understand why.  Start your journey into Makeup with a solid foundation!  

Instructor:  Rhonda Cummings

DATE:  Sunday & Monday/ Call for current dates 

9:30am - 2:30pm

*Model required on day

Camouflage Makeup Techniques:  Workshop #1

 Cost: $250*   1 day/ includes workshop kit 

Elevate your Makeup skills with this 1 day training on the art of Camouflage Makeup Techniques.   This training will provide theory, demonstrations, and hands on techniques dealing with the application of very high pigmented materials.  In this hands-on workshop we will show you how to safely and effectively use Camouflage Makeup to conceal birthmarks, age spots, acne, tattoos, and other facial and body discolorations caused by accidents, surgical procedures, and/or dermatological skin conditions.   Camouflage Makeup is widely used amongst Makeup Artist that work with oncology patients and burn survivors.  

DATE:  Sunday or Monday  

9:30am -  2:00pm

*Model required 


*Training & Consulting in the Art of Makeup

* FACE FORWARD Makeup & Hair-Wig Team


FACE FORWARD Makeup training for Film & Theater:  Workshop #1

Cost: $495*    

2 days/ includes workshop kit

Understanding the many facets of Makeup application for film and theater is one thing.   You must also know what is involved prior to production/ filming plus knowing "Etiquette on set or on stage" is paramount!    You will also be trying your hands on applying facial hair for special effects.

Instructor:  Rhonda Cummings

DATE: Sundays & Monday

9:30am - 2:30pm

*Model required day 2

The Film & Theater workshop kit