FACE FORWARD Makeup & Hair-Wig Team

Rhonda Cummings

Karen has advanced training in many different skin care techniques and ingredient knowledge. She has been a practicing aesthetician since 2011, always keeping up with the latest service trends.  She has sales experience in helping business owners meet their goals through advanced facial techniques and retail. She is passionate about wholistic education and metaphysical studies as well. 

Karen de steuben  

Tina is a licensed cosmetologist, massage therapist, laser technician, and educator. Tina teaches with over 30 years of experience in all facets of the beauty industry. She is truly an expert in her field. Tina is also a Certified Wholistic Health Coach and specializes in how various issues will affect the mind, body, and skin.    

Tina mccaffrey

Jessica joined the Face Forward team in 2014 to develop an incredible 16 hour Eyelash Extension course, and herpassion and ambition has quickly taken over new class development here. She knows the best tools, techniques, and products in the industry. Jessica is a licensed aesthetician, instructor, certified eyelash extension practitioner and organic spray tan technician. She is the owner of East Coast Lash Training and the East Coast Lash Organization.

Jessica Mogauro

Rhonda began her career in the beauty industry over 30 years ago. Her skills in makeup artistry quickly took her behind the scenes, where she worked with runway models and celebrities, designing hair and makeup looks for print, television, and film.      Soon she was instructing others to do the same and opened her first salon in 1978. After 10 years as a salon owner, she channeled her expertise she had gained into her true passion - empowering other beauty professionals with the skills needed to grow and develop a successful beauty business - and Face Forward Inc. was born.   Now she is the Dept Head for FACE FORWARD Makeup & Hair-Wig Team where all her skills are utilized and she loves to take appendences with her when able.    Rhonda can be reached at rhonda@faceforwardinc.com.